API V2 403 Forbidden

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API V2 403 Forbidden

A few days ago, after years of issue-free performance, my script started getting a 403 forbidden error. I even get this when I use the mashery testing portal. 


Do I need new credentials? 


Anyone have any ideas or have the same issue? 


Hi @NoahK,


This has happened to another user; while we are still investigating the reason behind the problem we have found a work around.


You can create a completely new Mashery account and create a new API Key/Access Token. This new information will let you get back up and running.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer
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Okay. I'll try that I guess. 

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I went through the process of registering a second Mashery account. I got a new API Key and Access Token. However, I am getting the same results. Please advise.


I am still receiving the 403 forbidden response from both the Mashery testing portal and my app. 

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