API fail log?


API fail log?

Hi all, new to the forum :)

On our client's site, we’re making API calls to register members. However, we have noticed that some calls are coming back with an error and even successful calls aren’t showing up on the list.

Is there a detailed log or error feedback mechanism somewhere that we can take a look to troubleshoot (aka Mandrill app)?

Thanks to all in advance!


Hello Jae,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for reaching out to Constant Contact's API Support.


In order to fully answer this question I would need some more information, but let me offer some basic information. Our API is just the ground work to submit and receive data to/from Constant Contact. With every call that is made there is a response body that will include an HTTP response as well as a text response.


For instance when you get a successful call you will get an HTTP response of: 200 OK. Along with the response body containing your data. If you were to get an error you might get an HTTP response of: 400 Bad Request. The response body might say something along the lines of "error_message": "data: invalid".


That is just an example of course. In order to see that you will need to write your code to catch the expection so you can view that. If you are writing your code from scratch how you accomplish that is entirely up to you. If you are using one of our SDKs then they have an error exception listed that you would need to write in to your code to catch the exception and read it.


If you have any questions feel free to reply here or you can reach out to us at webservices@constantcontact.com.

Jimmy D.
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