API for auto-responder and survey data


API for auto-responder and survey data



My account is being used to collect data for a research study. An Auto-responder will be used to send messages over a 60 day period that will include video links and survey questions. I need to export all activity on a daily basis. I am interested that auto responder data and the survey data. We would like to use an API to export the data into an Access datebase. 


Can contact information be sent to brandijoyner012@gmail.com


Thanks for the feedback and great understanding of your scenario.  Unfortuantely today we don't have any API access for the survey products or AutoResponder tracking data.  Definitely things we're keeping our eye on going forward.  Will share more information on any developments on this front in our Developer Newsletter and TechBlog (http://techblog.constantcontact.com).

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Is there any way to export this data as an .csv?

Regular Participant

Almost five years later...looks like this has come a long way.

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