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So I'm trying to set up Constant Contact as an active connection - so I can get people from my sign-up form on my website to a list on Constant Contact. I went through all the steps to get an API key But when I try to input either the API key or the token that CC generated, I get a notice from Word Press dashboard to put in the API key. What am I doing wrong?


Hello @CarolyneA1,


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact's API Support.



This post was also created as a case and I emailed you the answer. In the case you provided screenshots that indicated you were using a third party integration and based on those screenshots you may be placing the API Key in the wrong location. You may want to place the Access Token in the spot where you have the API Key.


You can also use the steps in an article we created to help you retrieve your API Key and Access Token if the process in that third party integration is difficult to follow.



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Thanks for the link but I got an 'invalid parameter' warning. So that didn't work. I'm going to try to work things from the theme end, see if we can get it working. It's just a bit frustrating, seeing as how I've integrated MailerLite and, just because I was checking it out as well, Convert Kit with no problems whatsoever. So I'll keep trying.

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