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API not triggering the Welcome email


API not triggering the Welcome email

Our welcome email is not being triggered when there is a new entry/email sign up. please can you advise remedy


Hi Craig,

Whether or not a contact receives the welcome email or confirmed opt-in email is determined by the <OptInSource> node used for each particular contact. The two possible values for this field are:

ACTION_BY_CUSTOMER - This is for internal applications, and is the OptInSource used when the site owner adds a contact from inside their account. This will not trigger a welcome or confirmation email being sent when a contact is added with this OptInSource, and is the default OptInSource used in the PHP sample.

ACTION_BY_CONTACT - This is the OptInSource for site visitors, and should be used for web sign-up forms. This will trigger the welcome and confirmation emails to be sent to the email address that signed up.

Please let me know if this helps.

Matt Dionne
Support Engineer
Constant Contact
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