API returning stale data for REMOVED contacts?

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API returning stale data for REMOVED contacts?

For "REMOVED" contacts, it seems like the API (v2) is returning stale data. I removed my personal email address on Nov 20 and added it back on Nov 24.
However, the API still returns the contact as REMOVED. And according to the data returned by the API, the last modified date of the contact is Nov. 20. IO-docs is also returning the same thing. Is this expected behaviour? How can I get fresh data for removed contacts?
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Re: API returning stale data for REMOVED contacts?



Based on what you're describing, I am curious if you may have unintentionally created a duplicated contact. If that is the case, then what you're seeing is an unfortunately side effect where the API can only search one contact by email address, and it is returning the contact that is still removed.


Can you describe how you went about adding your personal email address back to the account? Additionally, I would be happy to dig into the specifics of this, but I will need you to send us an email at webservices@constantcontact.com with the email address in question and the username for your account.


If you have any questions, please let me know!



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