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API v3 Get Sent/Clicked/Bounced List from Specific Email Campaign

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API v3 Get Sent/Clicked/Bounced List from Specific Email Campaign



I'm new to using your API, and was attempting to automate the process of downloading results lists from email campaigns. After reading your API v3 docs, I didn't see any way to associate an email campaign with a results list. I do see something similar in the API v2 docs [HERE], and was wondering if there was anything equivalent in v3? If not, do you recommend I downgrade to v2? Any help would be much appreciated!





Hello @RebeccaMonteleone,


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact's API Support.


Our v3 API is still being developed. The reporting endpoints are not yet available. We do not have a timeframe for them at this point. In regards to you moving to the v2 API; that depends on how quickly you need access to those endpoints. They should be available this year, but beyond that I cannot give a better eta.

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