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Accessibility Checker for Emails?

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Accessibility Checker for Emails?

Does Constant Contact provide an "accessiblity checker" for its emails in a similar way that PowerPoint has for its slide decks? Our company needs to find a way to ensure that our emails can be read by visually-impaired individuals in a reader-friendly manner. Is there prehaps a widget or a plug-in that checks the email for 508-compliance?




Unfortunately we do not currently have a first-party solution to check if an email is friendly for screen-reading purposes. I am also not currently aware of any services that would perform this test that integrate directly with our platform. However, having said that it should be possible to test by using our preview & test feature to send a test copy of the email to an inbox or a tool that could be used to evaluate the email outside of our systems.


If you have any questions, please let me know!



Elijah G.
API Support Engineer


I am also concerned about Section 508.  I must purchase an account for use by a client, but my university demands evidence of Section 508 compliance status (or awareness of 508 at least) before allowing me to pay.  Who can help me?



Hi Elijah,

This response may be too late for your message; but we have recently received confirmation that Constant Contact is not 508 compliant (yet, at least..)

We did try it though and received feedback from some of our readers that the templates used were not reader-friendly, as it (for one example) did not properly indicate the titles and headings. 

It does have the Alt-Text option for images, but as in most cases, it is up to the user to enter.

Hope to hear about future updates coming shortly to ensure accessibility for all!




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