Accessing events of other users?

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Accessing events of other users?

I'm working on an app to let users post their CC events to a 3rd party service. The question I have is about what we can access with the API and our user accounts.


In this use case, I don't need to modify anything on CC itself, just to read user's info. My original goal was to simply have a tightly controlled user account of my own that would be used to authenticate the API requests in the background. 


However, it seems that I can only access information on my own test account. If I try and query for info about events other users have scheduled, or even on a 2nd test account I built to test this specifically, I  get an error of "HTTP Status 403 - Not Allowed to access <username>", where username is the account I'm trying to query.


Is there a way to do this without requiring every single user to authenticate on ConstantContact when using the Facebook app?




In order to have access to an accounts API, you do need to have access to that account.  With both authentication methods, OAuth and Basic, you still will need to give the username and password at some point to get any information form the accounts.


If you have any questions please let me know.



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