Account / API Key question


Account / API Key question

I currently have a Constant Contact account and I created a Mashery account.  Through the mashery portion I was able to obtain my API Key and Access Token.
What I want to do is create multiple applications that incorporate the API and have separate API Keys / Access Tokens for each but run it all through the 1 Constant Contact account.
What seems to be happening now is that both applications are storing the data in 1 spot even though they have different API Keys and Access Tokens?
Could you please provide me with some possible solutions.



When you are working with the Constant Contact API, it is worth noting that any API key/Access Token combinations will be sharing the same data in Constant Contact as long as they all refer to the same Constant Contact username. If you need each application with a unique key to have unique data in Constant Contact, you would need to ensure that each one accesses a unique account or uses unique data fields.


If you are able to provide a bit more info on what you're trying to accomplish, I would be happy to provide what assistance I can!







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