Add 2 radio buttons and thank you message

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Add 2 radio buttons and thank you message

We are currently trying to edit the submit form page to allow for the following:

1. Add 2 radio buttons / check boxes that that will show on the submit form page and correlate to the contact within the contacts list in Constant Contact.
2. When the button on the Signup Form page is clicked, rather than the generic "thank you message" we would like to redirect to a thank you page of our own.


At this point:
1. We have downloaded the CC Signup form generator, added the buttons we want, changed them to check boxes and tested. The contact was added but there is no sign of the radio button information within the contact profile.
2. We have then combed the Developer forums for answers without luck.
3. We then spent about 30 minutes on the phone with someone at CC who did not know what the CCSFG was or how to help us.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are on a very tight deadline to get this sorted.




I had replied to your private message as well, but I also wanted to provide the information here for anyone else who might have a similar issue. In your case, the reason that no data is being recorded in Constant Contact is because there is no value set in the HTML code for the checkboxes you added. This should be resolvable by modifying the form so that

<input type="checkbox" name="CustomField1" value="" id="CustomField1">


<input type="checkbox" name="CustomField1" value="Broker" id="CustomField1">


This should result in information being stored. If you have any issues after this, please let me know!



Elijah G.
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Thank you Elijah. I will take a look at this.

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