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Add or update a contact's custom fields, possible to edit field labels or names?

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Add or update a contact's custom fields, possible to edit field labels or names?

I am able to successfully add (POST) or update (PUT) a contact with five custom fields via Constant Contact API V2. However, the only NAMEs or LABELs it appears I can use are as follows:







Is there really no way to change these to anything else? If I put anything else in, I get an error returned.


Also, I am sending date values in these fields, in the format 1/6/2010 (for January 6, 2010). I am assuming the fields are being stored in the contact as plain text. Is it possible to make these date fields? I know that via the Constant Contact web interface, it is possible to specify a custom field with a DATE format. I could not find any way to do this via the API.


Thank you.


Hi @clarisam4,


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact's API Support.


Our current v2 API was designed with our older Contacts system. Our website has been updated to a new version of the Contacts system. We have recently released our contacts features for our v3 API that includes these features.


We are still working on making an announcement which is why no one knows about it yet, but since this is what you are looking for I've provided the link below.



Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer
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It sounds like I need to rebuild my app, unfortunately.

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