Added 2500 contacts into trial licence (100 users max?), how to get the server response


Added 2500 contacts into trial licence (100 users max?), how to get the server response



i am using API to let our software integrate with CC (using some basic stuff, eg.creating lists, inserting contacts). Although I have trial account, which says there could be max 100 or so users, my test has imported 2500 contacts. And status says they all are active.


My application is done with java and I am using CTCTWebServicesJavaLib library. I want to ask how come is possible this has happened, because we can not deploy our application to clients with this (i guess it is not normal behaviour.....since they will be buying licences, but ofcourse i dont know which type/size)


My questions i would be happy to know:

1. Is this normal behaviour? (I mean, is there some trick and these contacts will be deleted or go to some weird status?) If not, what are the resutls/consequences if this happens? As you can see it was not on purpose, anyways I must be certain of the intended behaviour. 


2. If there is chance to check the server styate with number of places available.

I mean, I can query for "contact whose status = "Active", or status = "Removed".....etc etc. Is there some way  to query on amount of  Active places  ?

I would be very grateful for all the help!!! 


Thank you





The reasoning why our system works this way is because we do not want any one trying to pass contacts into the account to bounce back.  We allow you to keep adding contacts, however your email marketing will not work until you have left your trial account and became a customer.  Each contact will have a status of Active, Removed or Do not mail which you can do a call to the API to get these lists by following URI.{username}/lists/do-not-mail

It may be simpler to query the contact and you can see the status by the search by email address function which is located here

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