Adding List no longer working

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Adding List no longer working

Posting the following XML to add a list. It returns as status ok and returns a bunch of XML of lists but this XML doesn't contain the newly created list, nor does it show up when I log into ConstantContact. This was working only a few days ago for me. Same API key. Tried on several CC accounts. Can get back the lists. We have dozens of customers that now expect this to work, please help!



I received this email as well at our web services email address.  I would like to see the code that you have, so that I might be able to troubleshoot this further and find out why this is happening.

If you could, respond to the email that I sent you with the code attached.  If you do not get the email, you can email it directly to the Webservices Support team.


Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
Constant Contact
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I screwed up. It was doing a GET instead of a POST. It was working but I 'refactored' some code and didn't catch my mistake. Dumb! Sorry for the trouble.

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