Adding individual contact for campaign

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Adding individual contact for campaign



I want to add individual email_id of contact personn for campaign instead of adding contact_list. Can we do this through API?


Hi Nishant,


If I'm understanding you correctly, you would like to specify not which list a contact is put into, but rather the email they should receive.  Unfortunately, the way our system works, that isn't possible. 


Our system is set up to send specific emails to specific email lists, not specific contacts.  You could simulate a similar effect by creating a new list for each email you send, and updating your desired contacts (recipients) to be on that new list, then sending your email to that list.


I hope that helps!



Shannon W. 

API Support

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Hi Shannon,


Thanks.....It's triggering a mail now.

How we can create autoresponder with Constant Contact API? I want to customize welcome content which is triggered by autoresponser. How we can do this functiolity with constant contact api?




Hello Nishant,


Constant Contact accounts do have an autoresponders system build in that can be set up through the User Inteface, but these functions aren't available at this time through our API.  As an alternative through the API, you could code your own autoresponder solution. 


Separate from the autoresponders sytem, all Constant Contact accounts also have a built-in Welcome email that will send out to all contacts who subscribe, as long as the action to create the contact in the account was made with the OptInSource specifying "ACTION_BY_CONTACT".  The welcome email within the account is also something that must be edited within the User Interface, and is not accessible through the API.


As an alternative to our in-built welcome email system, if you have the capability to access mail functions from your applications or on your webserve, you can mail a welcome email directly from your script when a contact subscribes (bypassing our systems altogether for that mailing).

Mark Coleman
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