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Adding new and existing contacts to a list via API


Adding new and existing contacts to a list via API

Hi everyone,


I've been looking for a solution regarding my question in the subject. There has to be a better way than doing an api call to check for existing users, do a put to update every single field (even though I only want to change just 1) or a push to create a new user.


Is there a way to send a contact id and add it to a list simply? 


thank you


Hi @SakoK,


Our API use to clear out all of the data that was not submitted in fact our documentation states that is what it does. I just tested this and it appears that has changed. I will dig back through our updates to see when this changed.


Given that change it is still a good practice to GET the contact before you do a PUT and update the listIDs because there are some circumstances that can cause the contactID to change. It is considered a bad practice to store the contactID and use that to submit changes without first GETting the current data.

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