Address lines 2 and 3

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Address lines 2 and 3

If a contact is added via the API, and the address has values set for line1, line2, and line3, the information is added okay.


However, when viewing this contact in my Constant Contact account, then clicking to edit, the address lines are all displayed one one line. Clicking the address itself changes the display to form fields, with all three of the address lines set inside of a single input field.


Given this, trying to edit the address via the API does not work, because it is not possible to retrieve the values for line1, line2, and line3 into the appropriate fields.


Maybe I'm doing something wrong?


Hi Thomas,


No, it's not you. We have a lot of moving parts over here, and the contacts UI has some functionality like that and we need to address the best way to deal with it. You're actually the first developer to point this particular issue out, since physical addresses tend not to be very important to many of our developers and customers, but we know we have the same issue with zip codes getting put into two fields via the UI when there's a space in the zip code. (International zips can have spaces.)


I plan on discussing this with our product manager to see how we want to proceed. For now, unfortunately, I don't have a great workaround other than to only use line 1. I'm sorry for the limitation.


Best Regards,

Shannon Wallace

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No problem. 


Actually, while physical addresses are of less concern to me as well, I find that the ability to manage them along with the email addresses is useful. My in-house mailing list system allows users to send either email messages or to print flyers with physical addresses printed on one side, so they can send snail mail.


On the other hand, my system never included support for more than one street address field, and I was taking your lead in implementing it after seeing the line2 and line3 fields in the API.


I didn't think it was worth the trouble, and it may not be!

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