All lists are showing up on my edit subscriber page


All lists are showing up on my edit subscriber page

I am trying to prevent the list that I have unchecked for join my mailing list form from showing up on my edit subscriber page. Shouldn't that be what it already does? It doesn't look to me that the getlist function pays attention to if those boxes are checked. Do I need to add something or am I just doing something wrong. My $force_lists and $show_contact_lists are both false. For add user I am adding each option with <input type="checkbox" class="checkbox" name="lists[]" value="" id="chk_10"/> Is that the only way to do it for the edit page too?




The form input code you've included appears to be from a signup form that works through our API, and forms set up using signup form integrations that work through our API would require that the integration be programmed to exclude lists when they are set not to display on your JMML form. Setting this field using the checkbox in your account will only automatically affect whether it appears on the JMML form you can edit through the website/user interface, which is hosted on our systems.


Integrations that work through out API will recieve all lists when they use the getlists function to obtain the account lists, regardless of your selection in the user interface, it's just that those that are selected through the UI to appear on the form will have a value of "Yes" if in the DisplayOnSignup element in the XML our API returns, and "No" if the JMML box is not selected on the website UI. Since the integration you're using probably isn't checking to see what this value is and using it to determine which lists are displayed, it is likely just displaying them all. 


I sent you a PM to request some additional information I can use to try an offer you some additional advice/assitance.

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