Am I able to schedule campaigns via the API or am I required to login and do scheduling?

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Am I able to schedule campaigns via the API or am I required to login and do scheduling?

 I want the tool I am creating to schedule the email campaign in the system. Is this even possible? As of right now, the campaign enters "draft" status, but I am unsure if I can actually schedule the campaign via a "Send Now" or pass a particular date via the XML.


We do offer the ability to send and schedule email campaigns via out API, however permission for this functionality must be obtained through our AppConnect team. If you are looking to get permission to do this, I would recommend reading the Scheduling and Sending a Campaign section of our documentation, which will provide the contact information for the AppConnect team.


David J

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 I sent an email about 2-3 hours ago and have yet to hear anything. I called the call center and they had no clue what I was talking about (no surprise there I suppose.)

How long am I looking here?



I apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused. The process for scheduling emails usually does take a little longer than a few hours. The AppConnect team will be reviewing your information and contacting you back as soon as possible.

I also apologize for the support line not being able to provide answers; however, our API support is generally not done through the call center, and focused more either by email or through this developer forum.

I will also send an email to the AppConnect team to verify that they have received your information, and contacting you.


Benjamin Soder
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