Application Data Not Found For Key


Application Data Not Found For Key

I am working with WooCommerce's Constant Contact Extension and Constant Contact for the first time.  I pop in the Constant Contact login name and password and I went to Mashery to create a Constant Contact API key.  I pop all of this into the extension settings and save and I see that I am able to select the lists I have on constant contact.  


So I am placing an order and as the administrator I already have the "subscribe to my mailing list" box checked as the default but when the order completes from PayPal it asks again at the top with a huge button so I do because I check constant contact to see if I have been added to the list and I have not. I click on the Subcribe to My Mailing List button and get the following: Oops, something went wrong. Please contact us to subscribe.

I check Constant Contact and nothing. 

The Debug log is attached but the main error that I see in there is Application Data Not found For Key.  


I have checked and rechecked the login and pw and I deleted and recreated the API key.  I am getting nowhere and am totally exasperated.


Please Help!


Thank you!

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