ArchiveURL missing from Campaign details in API v2

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ArchiveURL missing from Campaign details in API v2

Hi, I seem to be having an issue where there is no way to retrieve the ArchiveURL of a campaign.  We used the v1 API in an old project, and the campaign details included the ArchiveURL, but when using the v2 API, there is no archive_url or archive_status that comes back in the JSON.  The C# wrapper (which I'm using) even includes those properties on the EmailCampaign object, but they always come back as NULL because they never exist in the JSON.  Is this a bug, or is there some other way to get the ArchiveURL?




Hi Zach,


archive_url and archive_status are not supported in the v2 API. It's likely that this was included in the wrapper libraries when they were being built sumultaneously with the v2 API, assuming support for them. We apologize for the confusion of leaving them in the wrappers at this time. We're going to go to our product owner and confirm that this omission is by design. If so, we'll refactor our wrapper libraries to remove the functionality.




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