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Attach documents depending on a Contact? it is possible?


Attach documents depending on a Contact? it is possible?

I would like to have the services of Constant Contacts for the marketing of my products, I have a question as to the options of sending personalized emails , for example, I have a list of contacts to which I need to send an attachment, but this is not the same file for all contacts, it is a function attached to the client, for example, a bank statement different for each client. Is this possible? Developer options in there any API that allows me to do this

Hi Diane,


One issue here is that we don't allow attachments to be sent to contacts in emails sent through Constant Contact. Attachments too often get flagged by firewalls and spam filters and sent into the junk/bulk folder, or never make it there in the first place in the case of firewalls.


You can link to a file, which is usually what we advise. To link to a custom URL, with each URL being contact-specific, you could make use of our custom fields, uploading a different value for each contact on your list. 


This article explains how to insert contact-specific values into an email. You could place a whole link inside a contact field this way. Keep in mind that to test this, you'll have to send a live (NOT test) email to yourself to make sure the value is being correctly merged into the email based on what is inside your own contact record in your account.


As for using the API, you can either use the API to upload the contacts or not. The end result will be the same whether you use the API to send us the contacts, or upload them by logging into your account.


Best Regards,

Shannon Wallace

Partner API Support Engineer

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