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Authentication Problem


Authentication Problem

Hi there,


We´re just starting with Constant Contact API and having problems with the athentication method in the mean time. We are trying to use OAuth2.0 as the documentation says in the following link




However, when we request it we got the following error:


Unable to get client for client ID: XXXX the API key: XXXX does not have pre-registered redirect uri 


It seems that we have to register the redirect uri on any place but we have not idea.


I hope this is clear.. 


Could someone help us?





Hey Jason,

Yes with oAuth2 you need to have a redirect URI associated with your API key.  You can do this by clicking on API-key and logging in.  Then click on you api-key itself which will allow you to change the redirect_uri. 


Please let me know if this works for you.

Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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