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Automated Data Feed

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Automated Data Feed

Question about API capabilities.  My company currently has an application and we are tracking usage of the application internally .  Wanted to segment these users into these two groups.  Is it possible to send a data file through the API that basically consisted of addresses and their corresponding usage situation and have Constant Contact be able to take this list and place users into separate lists based on whether they are a "0" or "1" and then have x message sent to the "0" users and y message sent to the "1" users.  Thanks in advance.

A V.Ragavan


Re: Automated Data Feed

It is certainly possible to have you send us a file containing your contacts as well as a number of fields with contact-specific data, and have us place them on a list in your account. However, we are not able to determine which list a contact is meant to be placed into by including a '0' or '1' with the contact.


You have two options for this:

1) Create each contact using the Contacts Collection by using the post method containing XML in the request body which gives us the details of your contact. You can also include a <ContactList> node with the attribute "id" to place contacts on one List or another. For more information on this particular method, please visit Creating a Contact. Please note this method is for creating a single contact at a time. 


2) Upload your contacts using our Bulk Activities. This allows you to send us up to 20,000 contacts at the same time to be placed in your account. This is done by making an http POST to the activities collection ({user-name}/activities) and passing named parameters, where the request body is encoded with either an 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' or 'multipart/form-data' content-type. For more information on this method I would recommend reviewing Creating an Add Contacts/Remove Contacts Activity.


Regarding the actual sending and scheduling of the email, while our API does have this functionality, this is not something that we make publicaly available. Special permission can be given to use this feature, and it is determined on a case by case basis. For more information on being allowed access to this feature, please visit Scheduling and Sending a Campaign.

David J

New Member

Bulk Activities

I do not understand how the Bulk Activites method works.  Would this help me with filtering out my contact list?

A V.Ragavan


Bulk Activity API


The Bulk Activities API will allow you to post a large amount of contacts to a specific list or lists. The way you would want to do this is to split the contacts up prior to doing the Bulk Activity call, so they certain contacts will go to one list, and others will go to the other list.

Basically our Bulk Activities method allows you to post a large amount of contacts in one call, as opposed to the Contact Collection API that would require a call for each posted contact.

More information on our Bulk Activity API can be found here.


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