Automation with API


Automation with API

Hello everyone thank you all for responding in advance, I'm grateful for all help!,


I was wondering if anyone could give me tips for the following: Would it be possible to send notifications if a specific item has become available again?" So that people can click something on my website that says 'get a notification when [...] is available again.' And if I change the data from 'unavailable,' to 'available,' people who asked to get a notification will get one automaticcaly?
And by the way, I'm creating my website with wordpress. So would it be possible to create this with a plugin or should I learn some code?


Thanks again for responding.




Constant Contact is not the best option for these types of transactional emails. While something like this could be possible to set up with our API, it would likely be extremely complicated and would require some complex custom development work to implement.


If you have any other questions, please let me know!


David B.
API Technical Support Specialist

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