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Autoresponder expiiration date in the future of date join list

Paul Thornton

Autoresponder expiiration date in the future of date join list

Heloo everyone,

I am relatively new to all this but know enough about marketing to get myself in trouble.

So here's my question, can I create an autoreponder series for people who have been newly added to my restaurant email list, via webform or where I add them personally, with a "Bounce Back" Offer that expires 7 or 14 or 30 days into the future form the date they joined my list?

I know how to set up the autoresponder, it's the expiration date being a variable I'm not getting. Is it possible? I want to basically write a series of "Welcome to the Family" type letter once and make them an offer to come join us for dinner again soon, but I want to automate it.

I am not referring to setting emails to go out a a certain time in the future, I understand that sending procedure, it's in the coupon section of a newsletter template that would be in the autoresponder series. They will be joining the list all through year.

Any help would be apprieciated and thank you in advance for any help,




Hi Paul,


While not really an API question (unless you choose to use the API to implement this, which I recommend), this is certainly possible.  When adding the contacts to your account, you would want to set them up with a Custom Field (we offer 15 of these) that contains the date the coupon will expire in the format you want (such as 10/10/2010 for Oct 10th, 2010).  You can then add this field into the AutoResponder so that whenever it is sent, it pulls that Custom Field data into the email campaign with user specific data.


I recommend using the API for this as you can program your submission form to figure out the date during contact add.  This way you won't need to do any manual work and import them with generated dates.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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