Avectra/Abila Custom Queries do not transfer e-mails to Constant Contact


Avectra/Abila Custom Queries do not transfer e-mails to Constant Contact

We are currently experiencing an issue when I build a custom query in Avectra/Abila and send it through the e-marketing wizard over to Constant Contact it transfers NO e-mail addresses. A regular query that I have not customize works but not the custom ones but if I run the query in the database it pulls just fine. So, it's an issue transferring from Avectra/Abila to Constant Contact. And, we get NO ERRORS. Any help is greatly appreciated. I do have a direct contact at Abila that I am working with that is willing to step in on the case and work directly with Constant Contact as he cannot find the issue. Thanks!




We would be happy to assist you with investigating this issue. In order to dig into this, the best thing to do is to email us at webservices@constantcontact.com with the following info:


  • Constant Contact Username
  • List(s) that you are trying to send contacts to
  • Fields that you are trying to send in your custom report
  • Approximate timing of your last attempt to upload a custom report

Also, it would be greatly helpful if it is possible to CC your contact from Avectra on that email so that we can reach out to them if we need technical information from their system to fully diagnose this issue.


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