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My Client is using this application manually. I want to integrated this application into our site. We are planning to implements Basic Authorizationion Support. Not for Oauth because of every time needs to login and access this constanct Contact. Could you please give me sample code for Basic Authorization Support? We are using .NET c# technology.


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Hi Sakthi,

For your application you will still want to use OAuth as it is the most secure method for connecting with the account.  However, when they login you will receive an OAuth token via the callback/ redirect uri that you can store and continuously use for that account (this means that once you receive the token they will not need to log back in again).

You can find out more about authentification here:


And get the SDK/ see code examples here:

Hopefully this helps!

If you have any other questions please feel free to let me know.

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I want to integrate constant contact in my ASP.NET application. Could you provide sample code for this?


1. How to integrated.

2. How to add list

3. How to add Contact

4. How to update contact and list

5. How to remove contact and list.


Please let know. Thanks

We do offer some samples as well as a C#.NET wrapper library.  You can find more information about that here:

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Thanks for your response. I have download the C#.Net samples. It is in windows based application not for application code. I want to integrated ASP.NET 4.0 Application.  


Now, My client is asking latest your AP! integration with my our application. I need to Oauth API 2.0 integration with ASP.NET Samples. 


1. OAuth Authorzation sample

2. How to integrated.

3. How to add list

4. How to add Contact

5. How to update contact and list

6. How to remove contact and list.


OAuth.AuthorizeFromWebApplication(httpcontext, state)


Note: It is urgent. Please response a.s.a.p


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