Basic ajax signup form with a twist


Basic ajax signup form with a twist

Hi there,


I'm putting together an admin panel for my small company as I am tired of having to go everywhere to do anything so I am looking at having everything situated with the one UI. (simple html page)


One thing I am looking at doing is having the ability to add an email address to a specific list on my constant contact account. (basic sign up)


What I don't want is to have to reconfirm the subscription everytime with a pop-up.

is there a simple way to do this using api and ajax? 


i.e. I enter the email and hit submit and it automatically adds to the list without confirming. 


Hey there,


You can definitely create an AJAX interface to use our API, but you'll need a back-end web language to make the connection to our domain, as browser security settings won't allow info to be passed from one domain to another using only AJAX. We have some libraries and code samples for some of the more popular web languages to make things easier.

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