Black Bar When Forwarding Email


Black Bar When Forwarding Email



The newsletter layout I've created looks fine when sent, but forwarding the email adds a black line between the header image and the content columns. How can I stop this from happening?


The background color is set to white. There are no content blocks in between the header and content. Ideas?




Hi Travis,


Is this change happening when you use the Forward to a Friend link at the bottom of your email or simply forwarding the email through your mail client? If the latter is happening, then what you are seeing is likely a result of your email client rewriting the HTML code into a format compatible with its own editor. Unfortunately, this rewrite of the code can often alter layouts and cause undesirable changes.


As a potential work-around, you may be able to find the section in your email which has the black background color that is showing through when the layout is altered and change that to a while color. This would not prevent the space from being added when forwarding, but it would cause it to be a white space rather than a black space.


And lastly, if it is an issue when using the Forward to a Friend link on your email, then I would definitely suggest giving our Support team a call at (866)-289-2101 and they should be able to assist you further!


Best Regards,

Elijah G.
API Support Engineer
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