BounceEvent: EventTime Bug - Incorrect date


BounceEvent: EventTime Bug - Incorrect date

Can anyone tell me if this is a bug, or just odd functionality?


I called the following web service url to get all bounce events for a campaign:


This campaign was sent on 1/16/2013.


The problem is that a lot of the BounceEvents/EventTime elements are coming in at random times.  I have some from November of 2012, ect.  The same goes for the updated element within the entery element of the response.


After I looked at a particular contact that this was happening to, it appears that the BounceEvent/EventTime element is coming through as the Contact's 'Last Update' or 'Date Added' date which I fond via the normal Constant Contact web interface.


Any ideas?  I believe this may be a bug as I'd think the BounceEvent/EventTime should be the time of that bounce event.




I would agree that the eventTime should be the time the event (bounce) occurred, and after doing some testing in my account, I can reproduce the error.  It appears that our system is using a detail from the contact, like the last updated time, instead of reporting when the bounce occurred.  I have forwarded this information along to our engineering team for them to look at.  Thank you for reporting this.


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

Ok, thanks for the update.  I'll just use the date the campaign was sent as my bounce event time for now.

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