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Build hyperlink to contact page and contact list page from API data?


Build hyperlink to contact page and contact list page from API data?

We are building an integration between Exact Synergy Enterprise (ESE) and ConstantContact where contact lists and contact are synchronised between both systems. As one of the features in ESE we want include a hyperlink on the contact page in ESE which links to the contact in ConstantContact. For the contact list in ESE we also like to add a link to the contact list in ConstantContact.


The contact link would be for example https://contacts-ui.constantcontact.com/ui/accounts/1116795674090/contacts/f55cabf0-cddb-11e3-8274-d...

Is there a way to get the contacts guid (f55cabf0-cddb-11e3-8274-d4ae527b8c41) from the API? The API gives the contact id which is a number but not a guid. The guid for the email address is similar but different f55cd300-cddb-11e3-8274-d4ae527b8c41.


For the contactlist the hyperlink would be like https://contacts-ui.constantcontact.com/ui/accounts/1116795674090/contacts/?status=all&override_defa.... When using the ContactList API also only the numeric id is passed on.


For both contact and contact lists is there secondary url which can be used to launch the contact page and contactl list page using the numeric id instead of the guid? Or is there a way to retrieve the guid via the API?




First, I do want to apologize for the delay in getting back you to. As you have correctly gathered, we do use a unique UID for each contact and list in the UI for Constant Contact. However, these UIDs area unfortunately unavailable via the API at this time, and I do not believe that we currently have a plan to make this information available from the API. Because of this, it is not currently possible to direct a user directly to a contact or list within the Constant Contact user interface.


If there are any other aspects of your integration that you do have any questions about, please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to help!

Elijah G.
API Support Engineer

Wanted to follow up a little from what Elijah posted.  It sounds like you are looking to do some deap linking and SSO solution directly to Constant Contact?  If so, that is definitely something we have considered and have in our long term roadmap.  We don't intend for that solution to be an iframe option but more for opening up Constant Contact directly in another tab.


If you are looking to reproduce what we already built in our UI in ESE, you can do so using our existing API endpoints.  Virtually all of the information available on those pages is available through our API today with very few exceptions.  We plan on closing the gap on those exceptions in the coming months as well to allow everything to be pulled directly through the API.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

The solution we are working on is indeed a full integration with ConstantContact with ESE. ESE already has the customer, contact and contact list (project) features. We are also linking up with other systems like MailChimp and HubSpot. We are using the ESE SDK to make the modifications in ESE.


For the integration we have the following features:

  •  Mapping of the ESE fields with the marketing tool fields (the user has the option to map the ESE contact fields with the ConstantContact fields. ESE also has the option for CustomFields), in this case it also would help if there is an API to get the metadata for the contact fields including the custom fields and their label. Now we have a list of the contacts fields hardcoded including the available 15 custom fields without the label.
  • Bidirectional syncing of the contacts and contact list. The contacts and contct lists from ESE to ConstantContact is real time, the import is done via a background job. This works fine.
  •  In the contact application and contact list application in ESE a hyperlink to the contact page in ConstantContact. Which is ok if this is opened in a new tab. MailChimp also required to contact to be opened in a new tab opening in an ifram is blocked, HubSpt allows opening in an iframe, so we can open inside the ESE application.
  •  Additional reporting in ESE based on the data imorted from ConstantContact. ESE has the option to add your own SSRS reports. So the more data we can pull in the more extensive our reports can be.


We support pulling up to 15 Custom Fields today in each Contact record in both the individual Contact API (http://developer.constantcontact.com/docs/contacts-api/contacts-resource.html) and the Bulk Export API (http://developer.constantcontact.com/docs/bulk_activities_api/bulk-activities-export-contacts.html).  If the account has been upgraded to our new Contact Management system (majority of accounts are and we are closing on 100% soon), the label will be set to what the field is named as well.  If they are on our older Contact Management system, which is unlikely at this point, they will not have the label available.  We will be expanding this to unlimited custom fields in a future update but do not have a planned date for that today.


Today we do not support a SSO solution for logging directly into Constant Contact from a 3rd party solution.  We are rolling out a SAML 2.0 SSO solution for partners soon and, if you're interested, you would need to join our technology partner program to get access to that feature.  Even with that feature, we do not currently support deep linking.


We do support pulling all tracking and analytics for every Email Campaign (http://developer.constantcontact.com/docs/campaign-tracking/email-campaign-tracking-.html) and for every Contact (http://developer.constantcontact.com/docs/contact-tracking/contact-tracking-all-activities-api.html)

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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