Build new contact management system

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Build new contact management system

Is there a developer, that could build me a new member management system, that I could use to manage my members, that could send updates over to the new terrible system that CC is rolling out?


I imagine something in a mySQL database with a user signup interface for new users so I can bypass CC.


If you're looking for a software developer who is familiar with the Constant Contact API and platform, you should check out our MarketPlace listings here:  You can find ratings and reviews as well as contact information for developers here.  All of their fees and services are provided outside of Constant Contact and are negotiated directly with you.


I'm also sorry to hear about your frustrations with the new Contact Management system.  Are there any specific areas that frustrate you more than others or are problematic to you?  I'd love to hear some more specific feedback to pass on to that team.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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