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Building Url


Building Url



I'm tring to build urls to constant contact resources to add external links from our own application. However, I cannot seem to be able to figure out what the guid in the contact url represents:{account}/contacts/{guid}


Furthermore, when clicking a contact from a contact list, it opens the contact but the url does not seem to change. I got the url above by right-clicking the contact and copying the link.


We retrieve contacts using this api: The guid in question does not seem to be included in the response.


Any help?

Honored Contributor

Re: Building Url



Currently Constant Contact does not have any support for deep-linking to specific contacts from outside of our UI, as the the UI interface uses a unique GUID that is made visible to the browser. The internal contact ID that is returned from the APIs is different from this ID and there is not a method available to take this API ID and convert it to the GUID.


We are looking at some upgrades to our system that may long-term enable deep linking directly to resources within Constant Contact, but it is not currently possible.



Elijah G.
API Support Engineer