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I'm writing a set of API routines to maintain contacts based on subscribers we have in another database. I do not wish to violate the T&C.

As far as I can tell, these are the only Bulk Activities:


So, I would guess that if you are not doing any of these actions, you cannot violate the T&C by doing single API calls such as searching for a contact by email address or adding a list. Is this correct?

Finally, what is the difference between ADD_CONTACTS and SV_ADD? Why is SV_ADD not an Allowed Value for Deleting an Activity if it is an allowed value for creating one?



As far as violating our T&C, our biggest concern is that contact forms that are meant to submit 1 contact at a time, are done by using the Contacts Collection. You can find more information about this in Creating a Contact. If you anticipate your process to be adding approximately 25 contacts or more at a time, we would prefer that you use the our bulk activities collection. There is no way to create a list through bulk activities, so if you needed to create a number of contact lists at once you can certainly make those single API requests.


Regarding searching for a contact, you can actually append up to 50 email addresses as query parameters which will allow you to search multiple addresses in a single request. For example: 




Regarding SV_ADD and ADD_CONTACTS, I am not positive what the difference between these two are. I am going to do some research into this and get back to you, but from a user standpoint they both perform the same operation. In addition, even if you submit the activity type as ADD_CONTACT, if the system determines that details are presented with the contact email addresses it will automatically use the ADD_CONTACT_DETAIL activity type.


Finally, in regards to deleting an activity - this is not an operation that we allow at this time, so any of the activity types used for creating an activity would not be allowed for removing one.


I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns regarding this. Thanks.

David J


 I just wanted to follow up on SV_ADD vs ADD_CONTACTS. SV_ADD was the older activity type that was originally created when the bulk activity API was released. Since then we have renamed it to the more appropriate 'ADD_CONTACTS', however we left SV_ADD as a valid activity type to maintain backwards compatibility.  

David J

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