Bulk Activities - Export Contacts to CSV - Cell Phone Field


Bulk Activities - Export Contacts to CSV - Cell Phone Field

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After searching the forum for information, i came across one post for Bulk Activities - Add Contacts which stated that the cell phone will be added to the columns array but my question is will it be added to the Export contacts to CSV as it is in the get contacts response.


Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.






While we do have a long-term goal to have greater parity between the fields that are available via GET/bulk import and the bulk expot functions, we are somewhat limited right now in the API because we are actively supporting both an older contact management framework and the new contact system. Because of this case where we have both systems supported, we are somewhat restricted when it comes to some fields that are available in one system and not in the other. The Cell Phone field is a great example of a field that is available in the new interface, but is not available in the old interface.


At this point we do not have an estimate for when we will no longer need to support the old management platform, but it is likely that this change will not be available until after that time.


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