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Bulk Activities & Contact ID

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Bulk Activities & Contact ID

Hello, My company is gearing up to start synchronizing our own internal database contacts with the contact records you guys maintain for some of our mailing lists. In order to do that we wanted to store Constant Contact's contact ID for each of the mailing list contacts we have in our own database as well. The problem is, to get this set up we need to download the entire list of contact's we have to get both their email addresses and constant contact contact IDs. Because we have just under 30,000 contacts I'd like to use a bulk activity to download the entire contact list. The problem with that is that the bulk activities for lists return contact data but no CC IDs. Elsewhere in the forums you've indicated the only way to get CC IDs is to do the standard contact queries, 50 at a time. Is there no other, more efficient way to download this information? I would hate to be pegging servers constantly as we're getting set up if there's an easier way. Thank you for your time, Mike



If you do need the contact id's, you would need to pull them from the Contact Collection API, which will pull 50 at a time.  The reason this works this way is that bulk exporting exports the files in the same manner that exporting from the user interface does, and exporting from the UI does not give contact ID's.


The only other work around that I can think of would be to not store the contact ID's on your end, but when you need the contact ID you can do a search by email address.



Benjamin Soder
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Thanks for the feedback Benjamin. We want to avoid doing searches by email address in case our users specify separate email address for our own contact records and for your mailing lists. We figured the CC ID was probably the most stable way to link our records with yours.


I suppose we'll just have to hit the Contact Collection API then. Thanks again for your time,




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