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Bulk Activity Error - Repost

Regular Participant

Bulk Activity Error - Repost

This is a repost. All replied were spam with nothing from CC.

Whenever I submit a bulk activity like:




the activity completes as expected and all the desired emails get added to the list. (addresses sanitized, line feeds added for this post)

However, it always reports:

Number of Contacts: 3

Number of Errors: 1

Invalid Email Addresses: email address (invalid format)

It seems to be interpreting the first part of the data argument as an email address? I thought it was interpreted as field names.

As I said, everything expected happens but this error is annoying.


This is saying that there is an error because of the line breaks between %0A and the next email address. Since %0A is a new line character, the actual line break you have is causing a blank line between each email address. As a blank line is not a valid email address, it is throwing an error for each of those lines. If you were to remove those line breaks and post this as 1 string, those errors should disappear.


It is also going to throw an error for the actual &data=Email+Address, as we always assume if there is only one column that it is an email address. Unfortunately I am not seeing any way to avoid that particular error. If you were supplying another field of data such as first name, this would not cause an error.

David J

Regular Participant

The line breaks are not actually there so I'm not experiencing any of that kind of error.

Do I really need the field name line since I'm only supplying email address. If I dropped that line, would it work? Then, the error would not be present.



I do not believe that you will be able to get the activity to successfully be created without the line containing the field name, so I do not think that would be an option unfortunately.  

David J

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