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Bulk Activity - How do I download the file

New Member

Bulk Activity - How do I download the file


I've successfully implemented a process to export a contact list and check the status of the activity. Once the activity completed, I was able extract the filename from the response. However, I am unable to access the file either programmatically, or by referencing the filename uri in a browser.

Can you provide sample code for .Net that would allow me to retrieve the actual .CSV file created as part of the activity?

Once the bulk activity completes, I get a full response including the "filename" property. I am then making an additional request to constant contact using the filename as my URI and the same basic logic I used to create the activity. Instead of getting the file contents back, I'm getting the activity instead (the filename property always seems to be the same as the activity URI with the addition of ".csv" to the end. Even though I am requesting the filename uri (with the .csv), I'm not getting the file.

Valued Developer

re: Bulk Activity

Hello Paul,

This was a problem with the API. The issue has been addressed and the fix has been deployed.

Tom M
Group Product Manager – Content Editing
Constant Contact