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Bulk Update Contact List Issue - Not uploading all the records

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Bulk Update Contact List Issue - Not uploading all the records

Hi All,


I am using API 1 in which I have made a system on our website where admin can choose people from our list and then send newsletter to those people only. In the backend we send all these email ids along with some other data with the help of API to a particular list. IN this process I first clear all contacts in that list and then add the people which admin send. The problem which I am facing is that every time the count is not same i.e. the number of people I sent 1094 where as API added only 153 records in the list. I have checked the response code as below but there is no error in that.



Response Code

    [xml] => 

    Constant Contact

    [info] => Array
            [url] =>
            [content_type] => application/atom+xml; type=entry;charset=UTF-8
            [http_code] => 201
            [header_size] => 581
            [request_size] => 391
            [filetime] => -1
            [ssl_verify_result] => 0
            [redirect_count] => 0
            [total_time] => 2.39241
            [namelookup_time] => 3.9E-5
            [connect_time] => 0.24458
            [pretransfer_time] => 0.74386
            [size_upload] => 52113
            [size_download] => 978
            [speed_download] => 408
            [speed_upload] => 21782
            [download_content_length] => -1
            [upload_content_length] => 52113
            [starttransfer_time] => 0.989013
            [redirect_time] => 0
            [certinfo] => Array

            [redirect_url] => 

    [error] => 

Re: Bulk Update Contact List Issue - Not uploading all the records

The payload you are sharing says that the import is still Pending, which means it hasn't started running yet.  Do you have a sample response payload of a job that has completed with incorrect data?  If so, sharing that would be very helpful.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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