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Bulk Update contacts list--api v2

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Bulk Update contacts list--api v2


    I am looking at the bulk add/update contacts, I wonder if I want to update contacts in bulk, can I update the Lists that the contacts are subscribed?.  it seems like I can not include "LISTS" in the column name.




Re: Bulk Update contacts list--api v2

There is a lists object that tells the bulk import which list(s) to add these contacts to.  We do not have a way to do a mass update to contacts where each contact can be put on a different set of lists, if that's what you're looking for.  You can see how to set the lists here:


Currently, we recommend doing a different import for each list and just import the Contacts you want added to said list.  Alternatively, if you are updating a specific Contact to change just their list memberships, you should check out our Contact API for individual Contact updates.  You can find that documentation here:

Dave Berard
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Re: Bulk Update contacts list--api v2

We are looking to do a bulk update not to add contacts to one or more lists, but to REMOVE a number of contacts from one or more lists. Is there a way to do this? We have a list of contacts which had quite a few bounces that Consant Contact lists as Recommended for removal. It would take a lot of time to go into each contact record one at a time and click on the Remove Emails button. Can we select multiple contact records in Constant Contact and remove all of them from a given list? Or even from multiple lists? And on a related note, is there a way to mark these Consant Contact records so that when Consant Contact and DonorPerfect Online sync, these email addresses do not get added once again to Consant Contact?

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Re: Bulk Update contacts list--api v2



I wanted to include a link to my reply to this question, as it was also posted in another thread. You can find the answer here:



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