C# wrapper .Net library - Constant 500 errors

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C# wrapper .Net library - Constant 500 errors

Hi.. I'm trying to use the .Net Library. My authentication works but I keep getting 500 errors.

What is wrong with the following. Do you have any .Net library samples?    thanks in advance


AuthenticationData authdata = new AuthenticationData();authdata.Username = "USER";

authdata.Password = "PASS";

authdata.ApiKey = "KEY";

ContactList c = new ContactList("TEST",true);

c.SortOrder = 999;

c.Id = "9";



string uri = " https://api.constantcontact.com/ws/customers/"+ USER+ /activities";      <-- IS THIS CORRECT?


StringBuilder sb =


Utility.httpPost(authdata,uri, sb.ToString());


Sorry, I did not realize you had posted http://developer.constantcontact.com/node/2019 as well. I'll continue assisting you through that thread.

David J

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