CC API into our website

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CC API into our website

We are integrating ConstantContact API into our website to send email campaigns. From our website we would like to give access to multiple users to send email campaigns. For this we need clarification on can we accomplish following using constant contact API.


  1. With every new user registration in our website we will create a new list in CC account for each user using API.
  2. After creating a new list using API can we get back the unique list ID back to our website and save the list ID for this user in our database for future use.
  3. Can we add contacts to a particular list using API by passing the list id.
  4. Can we add the contact to a particular list using API with 'Awaiting Confirmation' status? So that we can send email campaigns to the user only if he confirms to receive the email.
  5. Can we add a contact from API with 'Awaiting Confirmation' status in a particular list they should go in after confirmation (Same as Join our mailing list form in website)?
  6. Can we add contacts from API in bulk with 'Awaiting Confirmation' status which should go into a particular list after confirmation?
  7.  Can we get the details of contacts present in a particular list using API, by passing the list ID. We would like to display the contacts list in our website.
  8. Can we get the list of ‘Active’ users from a particular list using API, by passing the list ID. We would like to display list of active contacts in a separate page in our website.
  9. Can we get the contacts with 'Awaiting Confirmation status' which will go into particular list after confirmation? So that the user can send 'Confirmation' emails only to these users. And we would like to display these users in separate section of our website.
  10. Can we get the ‘Do not mail’ contacts which were earlier in a particular list. By passing the list id from API. So that we can just display them in our website.


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I've responded to your emails sent to our address. Please let me know if you did not receive my reply. Thanks!

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