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I have uploaded the CCSFG_.0.0.6 folder to the web server.  When I tried to continue with the set up instructions I was  not able to proceed with the access credentials. I got a page not found - http://rjhomeinspection.com/CCSFG_0.0.6/setup/


I put the folder in the root but I am wondering if because it is a wordpress site that it is not actually something I put in the root but in the www folder or public_html?  Or perhaps it is soomething else?


Help is appreciated.




Hi Kathy,


It depends on what type of server you're using, and I can only offer you some general advice, but I hope it's helpful. Many web servers are running Apache, and include a directory structure that has a root that is not web accessible, but then a directory that is called something like www, or htdocs, or public_html. It's these directories that are the root folder of your website, and the files within these directories are served to web browsers when you navigate to your website/domain. The unzipped CCSFG folder should be copied into your root web folder in your server's directories (probably that public_html folder in your case).


I hope this is enough to get you rolling, but if you need more specific advice for your server, you may need to seek support directly from your web hosting service.



Mark Coleman
Support Engineer

I have done this correctly and this is the error I am getting. How do I fix this?



Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/content/69/9444569/html/CCSFG_0.0.6/setup/header.php on line 1



In order to debug or troubleshoot issues that occur, it is almost invariably necessary to be able to recreate or cause the error to occur, and then conduct some further investigation of the specific issues called out in the errors, but I'm afraid  you will have to work with someone locally to help you out with that. As I have no way to know your server type and version, folder permissions, or your PHP version, configuration, or installed modules, I don't have enough to offer many suggestions.


I can say that this error is very commonly caused by small mistakes in PHP code, but I have downloaded the CCSFG and unzipped it and copied it three times today, into separate and differently configured test environments, and none have given an error when I access and go through setup. All have PHP versions that are 5+. 


If you are integrating a signup form on a Wordpress site, have you considered using one of the free plugins available for Wordpress that can make the process of integrating with Wordpress a lot easier?

Mark Coleman
Support Engineer

The most common cause of the error you're seeing is that an error happened in the FTP of the files from a Windows machine to a Linux server (the typical OS hosting Wordpress sites).  The most likely fix is pretty simple:


1. Delete the uploaded files from your server completely

2. Run the FTP of the files again, ensuring that encoding method for the FTP program is BINARY and not ASCII


After that, you should be able to run the configuration without getting that error. 


For geeks, here's the technical explanation of this problem. 


This is a side effect of PHP not being able to handle files that have a Byte-Order-Marker (BOM) character in the file, which is used to tell an operating system wether the file is in Big-Endian or Little-Endian.  By uploading as binary, you'll ensure that a BOM character is not placed in the file and PHP will load the file without any problems. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Perfect - I was just struggling with this and luckily searched your forum and found your answer.


I went into my Filezilla and clicked Transfer > Transfer Type > Binary (the default selected on mine was Auto).


Works like a charm!  Thank you!

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