CCSFG Always Successful Even When Not

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CCSFG Always Successful Even When Not



I got the updated version of the CCSFG and installed it.  The updated version solves the problem of duplicate contacts.


But now, everything is successful, no matter what you put in the form.  Now, even if you leave the form blank, it takes you to the Thank You for subscribing page. 


Any suggestions on how to fix this.  Thanks.





The success and failure url's are set when you first set up the ccsfg, and you can check that those values are correct inside config.php.


The portion of the code that handles where to direct the end user can be found inside setup>>index.php starting on line 64.  I'm not seeing checking for a blank form inside the ccsfg, but you could add that.  In theory, if the code is functioning properly and making it to the error logic, you shouldn't get to the success page without getting a 201 or 204 success http response from our servers (which couldn't occur without an email address being sent to us).


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