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CCSFG Error 405


CCSFG Error 405

Hello, I have had this integrated into iPads in many locations and had worked for the past year. Recently every iPad has returned a error 405 when email address is submitted. Can someone explains why.  Signup Form


Hello Scott,


I'm sorry you experiencing this issue. I think I also responded to your email request for support on this issue. Our API doesn't return a 405 response, and our logs have confirmed that such a response was not returned on any requests to your account. Signup forms typically use a POST method to post form data to your web server, where the data are handled by a script that makes the request to our API, however. I believe it's probable that there may be an issue with your server that has recently arisen that is returning this code in response to submissions from your web forms. You may need to contact your web host or internet service provider to inquire about any recent changes in configuration or updates they have applied to the server which may be causing the issue/.


I hope this information is helpful in finding a speedy resolution.



Mark Coleman
Support Engineer
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