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i have been trying to solve an issue but had no success. Any help is appreciated.  I searched and did not see an answer. I have been getting this error now with both the CCSFG and the updated version.  Here are the 2 errors.



Warning: strpos() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /nfs/c04/h03/mnt/61095/domains/domainnamegoeshere.com/html/CCSFG_0.0.6_addUpdate/cc_class.php on line 437


Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /nfs/c04/h03/mnt/61095/domains/domainnamegoeshere.com/html/CCSFG_0.0.6_addUpdate/cc_class.php:437) in /nfs/c04/h03/mnt/61095/domains/domainnamegoeshere.com/html/CCSFG_0.0.6_addUpdate/signup/index.php on line 68


Also, for this, the CCSFG is used with WordPress. Also, I saw prior help about upoading in Binary and idid that. the success and failure URL are each list. These errors still resulted.  

Any help is appreciated. 





I have done some research and in both cases you are being presented with a PHP warning rather than an error. A warning is designed to notify you if there is something that could potenitally pose a problem, but it does not indicate that the application is non-functional. Within PHP there is an option to suppress warnings so that the details are not displayed to site visitors and it is normally suggested to enable warning suppression on a public facing page.


For the first warning, this is produced because of how one of the checks in the Add/Update version of CCSFG is done. This warning does not prevent the application from completing its work.


The second warning is happening when the CCSFG attempts to set the page header for the Success and Failure redirects. This is likely because you are working within Wordpress which will automatically define headers, and most likely define the headers before the CCSFG starts running. PHP will only allow page headers to be defined once.


Overall, because of the header conflict, the redirect to a Success of Failure page will not work, but the ability to add or update contacts should be fully functional. Since the page is not redirecting, I would highly suggest suppressing PHP warnings so that the warning messages are not displayed to your website visitors.


If you do have additional questions. please reply to this post and we will be happy to assist you!



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