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CCSFG Not functioning


CCSFG Not functioning


We set up a client with CCSFG on a webpage to enter people into a draw at a big home show event.


It was working when we tested it, but when they started signing people up the form kept redirecting to the error/failure page. The page is available here: http://www.cellone.bm/homeshow


It now works for some entries and rejects others. Our client has reverted to taking down people's info on paper... Can anyone help me understand why this didn't work, so I can then explain to our client who is very frustrated?


Any help much appreciated!




It is likely that the email addresses not able to be added successfully were already entered into your client's Constant Contact account at some point previously.  The CCSFG published online can't accept existing email addresses.


You can email us at webservices@constantcontact.com for the version of the signup form that accepts existing email addresses.  


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