CCSFG: customizing the look


CCSFG: customizing the look

I have succesfully generated a very short sign up form, and it works but I would like to blend with it our website. I have been messing with the css code and have not found the relevant section. So before I spend far to much time hunting down and experimenting with css code can anyone point me to the right section? Or let me know if this is not possible. 





The way to customize this form is actually going to be in the code that is generated for you once you create the form. You will want to inline your styles to create the font styles, colors, etc. You can edit this as much as you want it just all has to be done to that generated code. The CSS file that is in the CCSFG is actually for the dashboard that is used for creating the form.


I hope this helps but if you have any further questions please let us know.



Erin Bossard

API Support

Thanks imported the main style sheet into the .php page the form is on worked perfectly ... just one of those things I could not figure out!

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