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CCSFG: "It appears that this signup form has already been configured."

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CCSFG: "It appears that this signup form has already been configured."

Hi - one of my colleagues accidentally deleted the CCSFG folder from our server and I had to reinstall it.  Now when trying to log into CCSFG, I get the message: 

"It appears that this signup form has already been configured. As a result you will need to verify the access credentials to continue."

I reenter the credentials to no avail.  Can anyone help?





I have attempted to replicate the issue you are experiencing with the CCSFG, but have been unable to do so.


I have deleted the CCSFG_0.0.2 folder, as well as the CCSFG_0.0.2/setup/ folders separately, and neither of them were causing the authentication issue that you were experiencing.


The CCSFG is attempting to authenticate your credentials against those that were set in the CCSFG_0.0.2/config.php file. You could look in this file to see what login credentials are included in this file, and either modify these variables, or attempt to login using the ones already set in that file. However, I think the best recommendation that I can offer to you at this point is to delete the entire CCSFG_0.0.2 folder and and reupload this to your web server.

David J

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